Wednesday, August 03, 2005

since meeting you...

pas g isenk2 browsing g nemuin puisi yg cocok bgt ama what i felt dulunya and now it chage because of you.....

I used to think
that love was only real in the movies
and that I enjoyed being alone
I used to think
that I was too independent
that I didn't need anyone
because I was so strong
But after meeting you
I realize that my attitude
towards love
was merely a cover-up of
my disappointment with relationships
I put on a strong, noncaring front
so no one would know how I felt
But after meeting you
I could no longer pretend
My feelings became transparentand
now I want to tell the world
something I always knew but was
afraid to admit
that love is the most important
feeling one can have
and I want to thank you for
causing me to be honest
with myself and others
I love you
-Poem by Susan Polis Schutz-

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