Wednesday, July 27, 2005

have you realize what you have done to somebody?

may be that sentence that keep running in my mind right now...
have you realize what you have done?
have you ever realize that in this life you have hurt someone so badly???
may be tonight i do realize that.

i've breaking her heart and hurt her so badly, but that not completely my fault. that's what my friends tell me, but after i've read some of her writtings. it just make me feel bad coz i've taken away something that so precious for her.

hey girl im so sorry, i didn't mean to hurt you...
i know there is no words in this world would heal your pain, but i hope that you can forgive me and you will find your prince charming soon.

and to another someone i'm sorry too that i've hurt you by breaking up a few years ago. and i know that you still hurt and i really hope you'll find someone new that fits with all you want.

and for everyone that maybe have been hurt by me, maybe by the way i talk, jokes, attitude, and any thing else. i just want to say im really-really sorry, i don't mean that.

gw yg lagi ngerasa mellow bgt...

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